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This is undoubtedly the most commanding building in Newry and is arguably the most important work executed by Newry's greatest native architect, Thomas Duff. Built in 1829 of local granite, it was the first Catholic Cathedral opened after the granting of Catholic Emancipation. The interior marble work and mosaics took five years with craftsmen coming from Italy to undertake the work. The tower and transept were added in 1888 whilst in 1904 the nave was extended.

Newry's town hall was built in 1893

on a three-arched bridge over the Clanrye River, which runs through Newry and forms the border between County Armagh and County Down. Today it serves a mostly ceremonial function. Inside there is a large hall in which concerts and plays are performed, as well as the annual Newry Music Festival. There is a granite monument in front honouring local man Terence Bannon who climbed Mount Everest.

Narrow Water Castle at Warren Point is a 16th century tower house, typical of the tower houses built throughout Ireland from 14th to the early 17th century. The castle was the scene of the Warren Point Massacre when, on 27th August 1979, 18 British soldiers were killed in a Provisional IRA ambush, making it the deadliest attack on British soldiers during the Troubles. This was the same day that the IRA assassinated Lord Louis Mountbatten

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