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Ellen Guest was born at Cinder Bank, Dudley, Worcestershire on 14th October 1851. At the time of the 1881 census, Ellen was working as a cook in the household of Samuel Rigby Armitage, a Manchester cotton manufacturer, living on The Mount, off Church Street, Altrincham. Later that year, on 24th September, in St Vincent’s Church, Altrincham, she became the second wife of my great grandfather Andrew McConville. The marriage produced six children: Joseph, Samuel, Thomas, James, Evelyn and Ellen. Joseph died aged seven. Samuel, Thomas, James and Ellen all emigrated to Canada. Evelyn remained living in Altrincham and working in Altrincham General Hospital.

Ellen died on 22nd July 1900 and was buried at St Mary’s Church, Bowdon.

Evelyn at work

Daughter of Joseph Guest Ellen Guest

1851 - 1900


Tom McConville

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