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Andrew (Andy) McConville was born on 21st September 1899. At the start of the First World War, Andy lied about his age in order to join up, but the military officials soon discovered his secret and he was discharged. Later he joined the Royal Navy, serving on HMS Blake and HMS Cambrian. After the war he spent some years in Canada working on the farms of his uncles Sam and Jim in Saskatchewan. He returned to England where on 6th June 1931 he married Lily Davis from Winsford in Cheshire. For some years Andy had a fish and chip shop in Winsford but later returned to Altrincham where he worked in the local hospital. He died on 17th April 1965.

Andy (front row right) on board HMS Cambrian  circa 1918

Andy (second from right back row) with the McConvilles in Canada.

Andy with his wife Lily and sister Agnes May. 1961

HMS Blake HMS Cambrian

1899 - 1965

HMS Blake

HMS Cambrian